RTI911 offers emergency management training tailored to suit the needs of your organization. Training courses are prepared to take into account the possible emergency situations your organization may be confronted with. Emergency management training courses are intended to reach management members, first responders and occupants since everyone must know what their role is in order to ensure they all work efficiently during an emergency situation. Adequate training can make a big difference between a successful and effective response and a disastrous one causing the loss of life.


RTI911 also offers training courses on the fire alarm control panel and its communications system and any other technical characteristics of the building.

Example of a training course with visual presentation

Role and responsibilities of supervisory personnel

Organization and structure of supervisory personnel

Limitation of action for supervisory personnel

Emergency procedures

Emergency evacuation procedure

Re-entry procedure

Workplace health and safety rules

Elevator rescue procedure

How to use portable fire extinguishers

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