The RTI911 Mobile interactive technical directory gives building owners and managers quick access to crucial building information on a smartphone, tablet or laptop: emergency contacts, technical plans, aerial views, inventory of hazardous materials, fire safety plan, emergency plan, list of people who may need assistance in case of evacuation, and much more.


They can also grant first responders and emergency services access to the portal with a pre-authorization or remotely on a case-by-case basis. Having immediate access to crucial building information enables them to improve the emergency management planning and optimize response times in order to save lives and reduce material losses. Staying one step ahead can make a big difference!


Hazardous materials

A container of toxic products is accidentally spilled. Benefitting from an access to RTI911 Mobile, first responders can locate hazardous materials, consult WHMIS-GHS material safety data sheets and procedures for these products. Having on-the-fly access to this information is crucial for an effective response.

Fire alarm

A fire alarm is activated in an office tower. Since the person in charge at the reception desk has access to RTI911 Mobile, she will become an effective resource person upon the arrival of firefighters enabling them to consult without delay the technical plans and be well informed about any particular characteristics of the building.

Gas leak

The security supervisor is informed of a gas odor in the interior parking garage. He calls at once the Fire Department. Upon the arrival of firefighters, he makes RTI911 Mobile available to the commanding officer so he can quickly locate the main shutoff valve for an optimized emergency response.

Sprinkler discharge

The sprinkler system goes off accidentally. The security guard contacts at once the emergency services. Upon their arrival, firefighters are granted access to RTI911 Mobile enabling them to quickly locate the sprinkler system shutoff valve, which contributes to minimize the impact of water damage.

Tactical intervention

An armed individual is reported to a university campus. Benefitting from a pre-authorization to RTI911 Mobile, the tactical team can remotely consult the campus’ technical plans and aerial views. Having immediate access to this information is crucial when seconds count.

Water damage

A water pipe is accidentally broken by a worker. Thanks to RTI911 Mobile, the technical services manager can locate in just a few seconds the main water shutoff valve. A quick response can limit the consequences of such an incident.