RTI911 was founded by field experts specialized in fire safety and emergency measures who have been helping building owners and managers with fire safety and emergency planning for several years.


Based on this extensive field experience, RTI911 is dedicated to improving the safety of all building occupants by helping building owners and managers to establish fire safety and emergency measures standards exceeding industry best practices, code compliance, municipal bylaws as well as workplace health and safety regulations. Consequently, we have developed the RTI911 Mobile interactive technical directory that provides building owners and managers, first responders and emergency services with immediate access to crucial building information on a smartphone, tablet or laptop enabling them to optimize response time in order to save lives and reduce material losses.


Considering that security and emergency measures in buildings are of the utmost importance to public opinion, organizations and governments in the current context, RTI911 Mobile is an essential management tool since everyone has to be ready to act quickly and provide appropriate response in any emergency situations: fire, water damage, power failure, hazardous material spills, terrorism, natural disasters and medical emergencies.


RTI911 Mobile can make a big difference when seconds count…